Car Rental in Pokhara

Car Rental in Pokhara | Hotel Admire

Hiring a vehicle has never been this easy as the amazing service of Car Rental in Pokhara by Hotel Admire Pokhara Pvt. Ltd. Above all is the comfort and flexibility while traveling. Taking these factors into account, we provide this service with several brands of vehicles inside and outside Pokhara. Our motive is to make sure you travel around the valley with luxury and great comfort. It becomes easier to navigate around the city and spend time in beautiful places with no limit in time. This makes planning your routes for your vacation highly convenient.

We make sure to deliver the best car rental service in this busy city of Pokhara. We have a variety of vehicles to offer at cheap rates.

Want to Rent a Car? Here’s how.

We understand that it can be difficult to get in touch with a car hiring company, let alone manage to rent a car that fits your requirements. With the rise in the need for rented vehicles, we offer booking service via form fill up. It is a short contact form with basic info requirements from the customers. Another alternative is by calling us directly using the numbers: +977-9856032318, +977-9856063333 and +977-61-464715.

This way, you can inquire about the type of car that you desire, get to know about the features of the car and finally hire the one that is best suitable for your trip. Once this has been done and the car has been finalized, there are few options for payment which is basically done by the bank.

All that is left now is the extreme comfort you will experience when you hop in and get on the road!

Cost of Car Rental in Pokhara

The rental cost depends on the factors such as car brand, duration of the trip and the route/distance that you will need to cover during your trip. We make calculations based on all these details when you inquire about renting a car with us. So we recommend our customers to make each needs clear in order to get an accurate estimate of the cost. After the estimation has been done, you will be ready to make the final booking.

We will be glad to help you with arranging your visits to the nearby attractions in Pokhara. We will also take care of planning your recreational activities during your time in this city. We have a car, Hiace van, Hilux van, and a Bolero Van as of now for your trip needs. We can surely arrange other vehicles as per the customization for your trip needs. For details and renting a vehicle, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.